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Lauren Hayes Bissell AFC, AGSA

Galerie Bissell is your go-to destination for art collectors looking to purchase extraordinary pieces by Lauren Hayes Bissell. With over four decades of experience, Lauren is a highly accomplished professional artist with a passion for creating unique artwork. Her exceptional talent has been recognized through numerous awards, solidifying her position as a distinguished artist in the industry.

As a member of The Fine Art Trade Guild and a signature member of Art For Conservation, Lauren's artwork is not only visually stunning but also holds immense value. Her commitment to preserving the natural world is evident through her role as an Artist in Residence on Brownsea Island, working closely with the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

In addition to her remarkable wildlife art portfolio, Lauren specializes in Still Life and miniature art, adding a unique touch to her creations. The intricate details and exquisite craftsmanship evident in her work make it a coveted addition to any art collection.

Explore Galerie Bissell today and experience the beauty and depth of Lauren Hayes Bissell's extraordinary artwork.